I'm Richard Sancho — a leader in design direction and product innovation — previously working with MTV News in New York for over 12 years, and currently working with The New Yorker.

I love collaborating with brilliant people across disciplines to create unique, immersive, visual and shareable web experiences for mobile, desktop and tablet.

I enjoy creating products that tell a story, delight users and build brand awareness.


This interactive feature was created as part of the 'World Changers' special issue of the New Yorker. It explores small innovations with the potential for a big impact — through illustration, web animation, photography and text. It also features a unique scrolling layout and device-orientation tilt effects.

  • Features / Highlights:
  • Focus on illustration and web animation.
  • unique scrolling experience.
  • Mobile view favors full-vewport, vertical orientation.
  • device-orientation tilt/ parallax effects.
Faces Of An Epidemic

This photo essay reflects the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic in the U.S. From a design and UX perspective, it is presented as a simple tap-through experience on mobile — punctuated with a handful of background video loops. Here the goal of the design was to get out of the way and allow the powerful photography to speak for itself.

This piece recieved a 2018 ASME Ellie Award, and won a "People's Voice" 2018 Webby Award in the "Best Individual Editorial Experience" category.

  • Features / Highlights:
  • Tap-through, vertically-oriented mobile experience.
  • Unique 'expand photo' UX.
  • Minimal animation.
Culture Kings: Migos' Miraculous Year

'Culture Kings: Migos' Miraculous Year' is one of many long-form editorial features I have had the pleasure of directing in the past several years. My goal for this and all features was to create an immersive viewing experience through UX design, creative coding and graphic design elements.

The inspiration for the overall aesthetic for this piece was Migos' collage cover art for their album Culture - applying the collage concept to individual photos of the group's members.

  • Features / Highlights:
  • Unique, bold aesthetic.
  • Mobile view favors full-vewport, vertical orientation of photography and animations.
  • jQuery animations (GSAP).
  • scroll-based parallax animations throughout the body.
  • Apple music player integration.
  • Animated & responsive progress bar.
  • clean, minimal layout.
Dystopia Now

This microsite represents a week-long rollout of editorial pieces exploring the idea that we may now be living in the dystopia that has been portrayed throughout pop culture for years.

Contrary to most 'content hubs,' it was intentionally designed and developed to allow a user to get a feel for each article through excerpted text, as opposed to a simple card format which typically provides no actual content beyond title and photo. It's essentially a long-form feature comprised of bits of many long-form features.

The desktop version features a unique horizontally split layout, and both mobile and desktop feature 3d webGL in the landing page or header.

Regarding aesthetic, the influence is '80s dystopian films like 'They Live,' and dystopian book covers like '1984.'

  • Features / Highlights:
  • Article text excerpts.
  • Unique split & pinned element layout (desktop).
  • 3d webGL design elements (three.js).
  • jQuery animations (GSAP).
  • some fun mouse-over x / y stuff happening in the header.
Signal & Noise: 2016 Year In Review

'Signal & Noise: 2016 Year In Review' is a collection of year-end editorial pieces in the form of a one-off, custom-built microsite. This interactive is a Webby Awards 2017 honoree.

  • Features / Highlights:
  • Strong / distinct / bold branding across all platforms.
  • Mobile-oriented, easily & quickly digestable card presentation.
  • Swipe gesture-based on mobile, grid format on desktop & tablet.
  • 3d webGL design elements (three.js).
  • Menu and color animations throughout.
'Catfish' Photo Capture Filter

I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to collaborate across departments throughout my years at MTV, and this is an example of some work I did with the MTV shows team. This is a promotional interactive web app, developed to promote an upcoming season of the MTV show 'Catfish.'

Fans of the show can take a photo of themselves or a friend from their mobile device, and a personality is returned in the form of a text message overlay and filter. The user can then download the filtered image or share across social platforms.

It's a fun, personalized experience for the user, and simultaneously builds brand awareness through social sharing.

  • Features / Highlights:
  • Native app-like look / feel.
  • Generates new, shareable content via mobile browser.
  • jQuery animations (GSAP).
  • Amazon s3 back-end integration.

Email me if you’d like to work together, and thanks for coming by!